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Starz is among the most well-known streaming networks and services which produce some of the most interesting and attractive programmings. The range of shows includes Black Sails to American Gods, and Spartacus to Power, the streaming platform has provided us with some of the top TV series on Starz. Users can use the streaming platform across a variety of devices nearly everywhere. This article will discuss on how to activate STARZ on almost any device using the code. Learn more about it below.

How to Set up an Account

In the beginning, you need to have registered as a Starz activation, following these steps to enable Star and only then will you be able login using Starz login. Starz login.

  • Visit the official website of Starz by going to
  • If you’re connected to Starz com actively and press the special claim button to gain different benefits
  • Add your Starz active email id on activate.
  • After entering your active email address, click”Claim now”
  • Then, you will be asked to select the payment method (you can select between credit Card or PayPal)
  • Enter your name as well as other details requested to complete Starz com activation.
  • If you’ve selected an account that has a credit card, enter the information of the credit card you have chosen.
  • If you’ve selected PayPal as your primary method of payment, please provide the data
  • Enter your address to find your home.
  • Click Continue on and then press Continue.
  • Follow the steps of the directions displayed on the screen.
  • Your account on Starz com activates is ready now!

How to Login to Starz Account at

We’ve learned how to create a Starz account, and how to make it active using the various payment methods it offers. We’re now looking at the login procedure.

Check out how to follow the instructions below.

  • Visit the homepage at
  • Click and select the login option to activate your Starz account.
  • Choose the login method you prefer and then select the method you’d like to sign in using Starz.
  • You can pick your TV provider of choice, and then choose the name of the service you want to use.
  • You can select the option on to activate to view all providers in the event that you are in a position to identify what the provider’s name is. company.
  • If the name doesn’t display the name it is recommended to check the activate TV service provider in order to determine whether they are connected to this application.

If you’re interested in streaming the Starz account’s life, take these steps for streaming across various platforms:

How To Activate Starz Using

How To Activate Starz

Follow the steps below for information on what you need to do to get Starz activated. Starz online with activated.

  • Start the Starz app on your device
  • Users will be able to see the activation code of Starz at the bottom of the screen.
  • Go to from the browser.
  • Input the Starz activation code here.
  • Then Click Submit.

How To Activate Starz On Apple TV?

Follow the steps below to learn how to activate Starz on your Apple TV

  • To turn on Starz to play on Apple TV, launch the App Store from the Home Screen.
  • Find the app, then install it on your device.
  • Open the app and sign in using your credentials
  • To activate the streaming service, visit
  • In this case, you must enter the activation code displayed in screen Apple TV screen.
  • Then Click Submit.

How To Activate Starz On Smart TV?

Follow these steps to learn how to activate Starz for any Smart TV

  • For starters, turn to your TV, then launch your app store.
  • Find on the left side of the screen the Starz Play app and install it.
  • After the app has been installed, sign into your account using your login credentials.
  • After you have logged into your account, log onto your Starz Play app to access every device.
  • The user will receive an activation number on the TV screen.
  • Now, go to from any web browser.
  • Incorporate the code that connects to the Starz App with your Smart TV.
  • Finally press Submit.

How To Activate Starz On Sling TV?

Follow these steps for information on how to turn on Starz in any Sling TV

  • Log into Sling TV. Sign in to your Sling TV account and log in.
  • Visit your Change Subscription section of the account’s settings.
  • Select the +Select option beside Starz on the menu dropdown.
  • Select Submit order to include the channel in your Sling TV service.

How To Activate Starz On Roku?

Follow the steps below to learn how to activate Starz to Roku.

  • Start by visiting Roku App Store.
  • Find the Starz Play app and download it.
  • pen the Starz app.
  • Log in to your login using your login details.
  • Find your activation key.
  • Now, go to from any web browser.
  • Incorporate the code that connects to the Starz App with your Smart TV.
  • Finally Click Submit.

How to Activate Starz on Amazon Fire TV?

To turn on Starz to work on Amazon you can use any of Amazon’s devices like Amazon Fire TV Fire Stick the Amazon Fire Stick, Fire tablet or by visiting

Use these instructions to activate Starz for your Amazon products.

  • Visit the homepage from any device that you use
  • Locate the application Starz Select the application Starz, then click the download option on your device.
  • Start the app after downloading.
  • Enter your Starz account Starz login id/ User Id and password to access Starz on your Amazon devices.

How do I activate and watch Starz on your iPhone?

  • Visit this App store to purchase your Apple iPhone.
  • Get the Starz application
  • Log into Starz Application. Log in to Starz Application with your login credentials Username and password Username and Password.
  • Go to on the website and then enter the Starz activate coupon (you will see the code displayed on the screen) After entering the code, you’ll be able to stream the Starz app on the device of your choice. Apple device.

How to Activate Starz on Xfinity?

To stream Starz’s Content of Starz on Xfinity it is necessary to have already an X1 setup box. Take these actions to connect Starz for your Xfinity.

  • Click”Guide” on your remote’s control. Xfinity remote control
  • Visit Starz. Click on Starz and download the application.
  • After installation is complete, you can enter your username and password.
  • Open the browser on a different device (Laptop or smartphone) to allow Starz
  • Go to the website and enter your code, which will appear in you Xfinity device.
  • You are then in a position to use the Starz application on your Xfinity device.